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Espace Divine

Heaven on earth is coming

Less about the trends it's 'ce que cous adore', less about the outside it's how you feel on the inside, that makes it an espace divine.

This is a workshopped process which places a significant emphasis on chromatherepy, ecology and sustainability. The client becomes their own tuning fork to form a wholey supportive, self guided, holistic, high frequency interior. The Goal is pleasure, attainment of beauty, attunement, happiness and transformation.

"For the love of India"

Rowena Lister Home Apartment Profiled by Press Photographer Amanda Prior and Stylist Parish Stapleton.

"The Rift" Bowral

Featured Residence, profiled on  'Australia's Best Houses' TV Show; Ch 7 2014 and 2015.

Images copywrite to Kinchem Hegedus.

Rowena Lister consulted on fine tuning colour, space planning, furniture selection and placement.

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