'My office was redesigned recently by Rowena Lister of Lister + Co Interiors. Rowena had to work within an existing structure. Rowena has transformed the space. It was successful beyond my expectations. I could not have achieved the same result without her professional expertise.'

Anna McLaughlin,  MTax BEc CPA

- A McLaughlin Accounting

'Rowena .... the awesome duo got there in the end and what an amazing result! Thank you very much for all your hard work. It was great working with you.'

James Gatland,   Analyst

- Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels

'In my experience the kind of service we received from Rowena is very rare. She listened carefully to our brief and then ran with it – the result was more exciting than we could have hoped for. I certainly hope I have the opportunity to work with Lister + Co again.'

James Bichard

-Project Manager

'Rowena Lister at Lister+Co brought our concept to life and delivered us an outcome, which was received and patronised exceptionally well. She has had a great impact on this hotel…..and she is a terrific person.'

Steven Skarott, Director Hotel Openings

- Intercontinental Hotel Group

'Rowena’s ideas are great. Her planning is wonderful and practical. Her research work is commendable. She is able to distinguish what needs to be done and what is not essential. She is a great designer.'

Alberto Prias

- Interior Designer

'Thank you for such a professional response to the project and thank you for all your support. Everyone here is very impressed.'

Bryan Abbott,   Director of Design

- International Hotel Group

''Thank you for everything you have done to produce an amazing fit out for our space. We are wrapped. You guys nailed it!.'

Nicky Lakin

- Vivid Research Company

'Rowena... it was a delight working with you. I hope we get to do it again.'


Allison Whitlock, Series Producer

- The Livingroom Ch10 Television