Workshops can be a wonderful way to learn about design and treat your own space at the same time under the guidance of a honed professional. The minimum is ten attendees. Invite your friends and inquire... I often have a few names on a waiting list.


The cost is $490 per person per day for an 8 hour day. Refreshments included.

Please see below a sample workshop program from which you may like to choose a topic .


'Can I say how enriched I felt about design after meeting you on Friday. The value I have received from just spending one day with you....I found your teaching approach rewarding and inspiring. Everyone commented on how it would have been, had you taken us through for the week! We all agreed we learnt more in just one day with you.


You just lifted our spirit in what is possible.....You shared your knowledge, and skills openly with heart and generosity. You bought the elements of the human factor, in your work. Looking into all aspects of what is a holistic application. I felt truly inspired and empowered by you.' - JB

'You are my inspiration.' - NM


Sample Workshop

Sample Agenda